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everyone seems so uninterested in me lately that I just give up til they show that they’re interested

met these two horrible ladies while working today. so I had to work the egg dying booth and there’s a table where the dyes are and you can’t really move the dyes because it’s the only table were allowed to stain, so these two ladies come to my booth, each of them had their child with them and said “we want to dye eggs” I was like “okay here’s your eggs and the dyes are over there”. I pointed to the table of dyes which might I add still had kids occupying it doing their eggs. the ladies then proceeded to ask if we could move the dyes to the front table (which isn’t for dying) so their kids didn’t get “exposed to the sun”. what the hell ladies? I’m not going to treat you and your kids like you’re fucking royals and there’s obviously still children dying their eggs and it would be wrong for me to take those dyes away and put them on a special table for you and you precious kids that can’t be exposed to the heat. FYI, YOURE AT A FARM, it’s going to be hot, you’re going to get sunburnt. so then I had break and got switched to the egg hunt booth where the kids are only allowed to hunt for six eggs. these ladies decide to show up at this booth, I was all great, I have to deal with this shit again. I give them their baskets and told them they could only find six eggs. one of the mothers bossed me around and said “uhm excuse me? could you like, throw some eggs out in the open whole are kids are hunting so it’s easy for them?” ITS A HUNT U DUMB HO YOURE SUPPOSED TO HUNT. I then proceed to meet their needs because I just didn’t want to deal with a fight. as I’m out there one of the mothers (who might I add smelled horribly like bologna) said “omg can you take a pic of my and my daughter?” I said yeah sure. her daughter and her then proceeded to pose with a duck face and peace sign (the kid was like 3). after the hunt I see the kids with about 23 FUCKING EGGS IN THEIR BASKETS. I said “okay kids I’m going to have to put those eggs back because you can only take home six”. the mom then yells at me and threatens me that I’ll ruin her child’s day and that her kid will throw a fit. then she asked if she could bring the eggs back after they ate lunch so her kids wouldn’t notice and I said “lady, I can get in a ton of trouble for having you take those eggs” she then proceeds to walk off saying “I won’t get you in trouble!” and walks away swiftly so I can’t catch her, I couldn’t leave my booth alone. she never brought those eggs back. these women were teaching their kids how to cheat, be selfish and get away with it. I also heard them laugh as one of the kids drank juice out of a sippy cup and said “she drankin her purple drank” and “she sippin on sum sizzurp”. white women. yeah good parenting skills ladies, bravo.

whether I like it or not I just gotta do what’s best for me